It Is Our First Anniversary!

My name is Sara Hope (Mochi Mama) and I am the owner and founder of Mochikva, and today is our First Birthday! 🎂

The month I started this business last year, I was working at an amazing organization called @amutat_amichai and now that we have come full circle, they are the charity of the month that will get 5% of this month's net income.

Amichai is a non-profit organization based out of Hod Hasharon that helps people with developmental dissabilities of all ages. In their own words, which can be found on the "about us" section of Amichai's website ( ).

"Its founders, themselves parents of children with severe developmental disabilities, contending with an acute scarcity of services for this special population, were determined to create a supportive environment in which their children, and others like them, could grow and thrive.

Based on principles of full inclusion in normative society, and maximum independence leading to meaningful and fulfilling lives  for people with developmental disabilities , Amichai and its services strive to address the needs of  the entire life cycle of its target population: from early childhood through the school years to adolescence, and on to adulthood, maturity and old age.

Through the years, continuously responding to the ever-growing, urgent, and often unanswered needs of children with special needs and their families, this renowned organization has launched a long line of facilities and innovative services"

When I started Mochikva I was working in the program called "Beit-Amichai" this is an amazing example of how the disabled population should be treated, with dignity, respect, and above all else love. I was specifically working in the inclusive program for adults which Amichai explains beautifully "These concepts are expressed most clearly in the community housing and occupational programs of Amichai.  Every house provides a home setting for 6 adults with severe mental disabilities, coupled with physical limitations who conduct an independent lifestyle (within their limitations) and with the help of live-in trained professionals. The tenants are responsible for their basic daily activities, including cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene. During the day, the adults are involved in employment opportunities befitting their skill levels.  In the evening they return to their home where they engage in various activities, similar to regular members of the community, including shopping, health and wellness, entertainment and social participation. Individual members enjoy weekly outing to movies, local pub or visit relatives. The well trained and skilled support team promotes and conducts these inclusion activities in a "transparent" manner where the tenants are the "real owners"."

Although I only worked their for a month I feel honored to have been able to see such a great orginization at work, the oppurtunity they are giving to these people is so inspiring to see and I can't speak enough good words about it. This is why I have decided that every April our 5% will go to Amichai, so we can truly highlight all the work they are doing.

Each month a new organization will be chosen whether it is for animals, for children, refugees, womens rights or anything else. We would love to help a charity close to your heart! Send us suggestions 💕🌸 I know this post is long so thank you for reading this far and thank you to everyone for your support and feedback. We are always looking to improve and have some amazing things coming in the future! Tag a friend and have them follow us to get your discount 🌸🍡 THANK YOU VERY MOCHI 😍

For more information about Amichai

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