Sara Hope founded Mochikva in 2018, just one year after making aliyah (without knowing it!) With no real experience in starting a business she jumped head first into this initiative and ran with it. Understanding that there was a demand for mochi in Israel but no real supplier, she decided she could do it, and so she did. Wanting to bring through the idea of hope she came up with the name Mochikva - Mochi + Tikva. 

After 8 years of working with people with disabilities, Sara decided that whatever career she pursued she had to be able to help people through it. This is why giving to charities and being kind is a main aspect of the business. 


Started in the heart of Tel Aviv in 2018 by a 21-year-old Olah Chadasha from California, Mochikva is where the Far East meets Middle East. Using only premium gluten free and vegan ingredients sourced from local vendors within Tel Aviv, we strive to bring high-quality Japanese confections to the ever-changing Tel Aviv foodie scene. Our recipes harmoniously blend popular traditional Japanese flavors with those loved by Israelis to appeal to even the pickiest palates.