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Welcome to

Interior of Mochikva Bubble tea and mochi shop in Tel aviv


Israel's First and Only Boba + Mochi Bar

Picture of Mochikva Bubble Tea Shop in Tel Aviv Interior
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Authentic Bubble Tea and Mochi Shop in the Heart of Tel Aviv

Exterior of Mochikva Boba and mochi shop in Tel Aviv

We offer a wide variety of unique bubble teas, mochi and much more!

Everything is made by hand including our tapioca pearls!

Come for the boba + mochi, stay for the vibe 

Image by Martin de Arriba

Hey Boba Babe, can't come to us?

Get some fresh mochi + bubble tea delivered straight to you!

Layout of Mochi and bubble tea for Wolt for Mochikva

Want to become the ultimate Boba Babe?

Shop Our Merchandise to complete your look

tote bag for mochikva
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Come Visit Us!

Opening Hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 13:00-21:00

Friday: 12:00-16:00

Saturday: Closed (Sorry!)


Ben Yehuda 89 Tel Aviv

Picture of tote bag, Mochikva in tel aviv merch
Image by Rianne Zuur

Want to bring Mochikva to your event or office?

We offer catering for a wide variety of events. Whether its a Birthday Party, Wedding, or Office Happy Hour we are sure that we can provide the best Boba + Mochi to fit your needs!

Image by Gradienta

What our customers say about us.

Went there last week with my friend and everything was just so so delicious! The service was great too, we asked so many questions and they were kind and let us take our time.

Will be back for sure!
And their boba is the best one i have ever had in israel 😍


The best boba tea I have drank, if u like a little bit sour take the dragon boba, and for the mochi by far the best ones are the pistachio ice cream mochi and red bean mochi - so good!!!

Idan Lazar

Literally so damm good you better go have some boba and mochi bc its delicious and way better than others.


בכל פעם שאני באזור אני חייבת לתת עצירה במקום המטורף הזה. ניסיתי כבר חמש סוגי באבל טי שונים ואת כל המוצ׳י (לא הגלידה). מה אפשר להגיד - הכל טעים וברמה הכי גבוהה שיש. מרגישים כמה שהמוצר איכותי ולא מתפשר (דברים שחסרים אצלנו בארץ).
אני אמרתי לעצמי שאני לא מתקרבת יותר למקומות אחרים שמוכרים באבל טי שמרגיש כמו אבקת שוקולית מעפנה או תה עלוב בחמישה שקלים פחות. המוצרים במוצ׳יקווה הם פשוט מוצרים אחרים בתכלית ואין תחרות.
חפרתי רצח אבל אני מכורה למקום הזה. מאמינה ששילמתי שם כבר כמה מאות שקלים, ואני כל הזמן חוזרת כמו איזה מכורה לנסות ולראות אם יש מוצ׳י חדש שלא ניסיתי. ואם אין אחד חדש - נו טוב ניקח איזה שלושה מהקיימים כי אני לא יכולה להתנגד.
באלי שהמקום הזה יהיה אימפריה כמו שמגיע לו.

Lior Fatiha

The best bubble tea and mochi in Israel, by far. The staff is so lovely and kind, and I love that I'm supporting a female entrepreneurs every time I go. A must do in Tel Aviv.

Bela Krifcher

Great-tasting boba tea. Creative and delicious flavor combinations, friendly service, and the whole place was immaculately clean. Will definitely return.

Susan Zuckerman

It was the first time I had this kind of tea and I really enjoyed it. I got the chai flavored one and it really left me with the feeling of fall! Bringing an assortment of Mochi to dinner tonight for everyone to try! Staff was super sweet and the vibe of the place is super chill 💜

Nicole Lagrua

I work close and i come. Once or twice a week
I'm obbssed with their drinks
Delicious and so special there is no other place you can fins this menu , also all the staff is very helpful and nice

Conty Gol

Best bubble tea place in Israel hands down. The bubble tea was delicious with tons of different clever flavors available, the decor was super pretty, and also as a bonus it's completely woman owned and they even have free period products available in their bathroom which i really respect and appreciate! Oh and also the staff was soooooo nice and personable! Went here on a date with my girlfriend and it was a fantastic experience! ^~^

Anna Gelbman


About Us

Mochikva is a women and Olim-owned bubble tea and mochi bar, the first and only of its kind in Israel!



Our mission is to create a warm and inviting space where our customers can come for the Boba + Mochi and stay for the vibe.  Click below and we'll go into more detail about our menu offerings, history of the business and what makes us special.


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